Tuesday, August 14, 2012

There will always be someone better off than you, there will always be someone worse off than you

We've all heard the expression the grass is always greener on the other side. The way I see it, although the grass may be greener, if you look closely enough you'll probably see crab grass, dandelions, mushrooms or dog crap.

Having perspective is one of the most important lessons of life - being able to see things from other points of view and having a sense of where you fit in the world. When things are not going well or not turning out the way we want, we often look at others and resent their success or happiness instead of focusing on improving ourselves. I, for example, am currently unhappy with my job situation, and often find myself feeling jealous of
1) people with short commutes,
2) people who love their jobs and are truly passionate about what they do, and most importantly,
3) lottery winners.

Instead of wasting my mental energy sitting and seething, I should be spending this time
1) being thankful I have a job,
2) focusing on the good points of my job, and
3) looking for a new job.

So when you're feeling like things could not possibly be worse, or that no one has ever experienced anything as horrible as you are currently experiencing, look around. Most often you'll see that you fit somewhere in the middle.

(And for the record, I really do need to get a new job, so if anyone knows of a high paying / short hours job, please get in touch with me!)

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