Monday, September 26, 2011

Wear white pants at your own risk

The message here is pretty self-explanatory - if you wear white, odds are you won't make it through the day unblemished. Or, perhaps I should say, if I wear white, I will absolutely spill something on myself, have something spilled on me, or sit in something.

When my daughter was around 2 years old I was having an especially difficult time getting out of the house without oatmeal, yogurt or crushed up cheerios on my clothing, which seems fairly typical. We were in a toddler class and there was this woman in the class with not one, but two children under 4 years of age, and she consistently wore white pants. And they were consistently clean! How is that possible?

Well, now my daughter is 5 and slightly less messy, so this summer I took the bold step of buying white jeans. And they weren't from H&M or Old Navy, or even The Gap. They are fancy white jeans. I love the jeans, and I do think they look great, but I'm pretty sure they will soon disintegrate due to consistently being soaked in bleach and stain spray.

My most recent adventure in white pants happened just last weekend. I got through almost the entire day without a stain, and was feeling quite proud of myself, like I had finally passed some test and would now be able to wear light colored pants without fear. Not so. Mid-way through the evening I spilled. Having been through this many times before, my response was to not panic and deal with it later. My two friends, however, gasped in horror and immediately ordered me to remove the pants so they could deal with the stain(s). They sprung to action like laundry Wonder Twins, and soon my pants were covered in Shout or OxiClean and soaking in the sink where they belonged. The rest of the weekend brought much discussion about the best way to remove stains and whether or not the pants should be put in the dryer (good heavens, NO!).

I am happy to report that the pants have been saved and will live to see another summer.

I feel very blessed to have wonderful friends who will be there for me in good times, bad times and laundry emergencies.


  1. What did you wear when the pants were off?

  2. Good question. My friend loaned me a pair of sweatpants.

  3. That story reminds me of a day I wore white jeans in 9th grade to the mall. Of course my friend's mom dropped us off for a few hours and within the first hour I had dropped my chocolate ice-cream cone on the front of my jeans. I was horrified. Since then, I've been wary of white are brave Jen!